Conference Program

Please, find below both DSD and SEAA 2022 conference programs in an interactive format:

EUROMICRO DSD 2022 interactive conference program

EUROMICRO SEAA 2022 interactive conference program

The on-site registration date will be located in the Conference Venue ( There you will be provided with your identification badges and with the certificates on attendance. It is mandatory for all the participants to check-in in the on-site registration desk before to attend the conference.

The schedule of the registration desk is as follows:
– Tuesday 30 th: From 14.00h to 16.00h
– Wednesday 31 st: From 8.00h to 10.0

In case you missed this time frames, the registration desk will be open during the whole conference, but the staff available for attending the registration desk will be limited, and there is a possibility of queues if most of the participants are registering in the conference outside the aforementioned hours.